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IMCoin Walletfor Windows

IMCoin Walletfor Android

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Steps to Mine your first IMCoin

Use the following instructions to mine a block

Open your wallet, and make sure your wallet is connected with a node. Your wallet is connected when you see the icon in the lower corner of your wallet.

The message “Synchronizing with network...” will disappear once you mine your first block.

Close your wallet and create the file imcoin.conf in the folder “%APPDATA%\imcoin\”.

Paste the following text into imcoin.conf and save the file.

rpcuser=rpc_imcoin rpcpassword=Password Your Wish rpcallowip= rpcport=27699 listen=1 server=1

Download cpuminer from here and extract the zip file.

Create a .bat file named mine.bat and paste the following text into mine.bat.

minerd --url= --userpass=rpc_imcoin:Same as above RPC Password

Save the file inside the extracted cpuminer folder.

Open your wallet and execute mine.bat to start mining your first block.

Feel free to contact us for any technical issue for mining